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Karen Daly

Acting Head of Environment, Soils & Land Use Department

Research Interests

I am a Senior Research Officer in Environmental Science and Acting Head of Department at Environment, Soils and Land Use (ESLU) Department set within the Crops Environment and Land Use Programme (CELUP) at Teagasc.  The ESLU research programme spans a range of thematic areas including:

  • nutrient use efficiency and alternative bio-based fertilisers
  • water quality
  • land use change
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • soil health
  • soil microbiology
  • carbon farming
  • farmland biodiversity
  • proximal sensing. 

My own research group focuses on soil health, water quality, proximal sensing and spectroscopy, operating across multiple scales, namely: mechanistic processes for soil health at profile scale; the fate and transfer of pollutants at catchment scale; regional and national scale risk assessment for soil health and water quality, spectral sensing and isotope tracing.

My research includes themes such as sustainable circular bio-economies and sustainable food systems examining the impact of bio-wastes on soil health using phosphorus isotope tracing techniques to model the turnover of phosphorus in soils.  The proximal sensing and spectroscopy programme combines benchtop/portable spectroscopy with machine learning to predict environmental variables and indicators of soil health, specifically; soil fertility, organic matter, soil carbon sequestration, particle size and phosphorus supply potential. 

Research Team

Post-doctoral Research Fellows:

  • Bastiaan Molleman
  • Rebecca Hall


PHD Students:

  • Longnan Shi
  • Sifan Yang
  • Rachel Bracker
  • Olha Khomenko
  • Wenxual Shi
  • Maame Croffie

Current Projects


  • 2024  Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership, DCU Business School
  • 2015  FETAC Level 6 Certificate in Managing People
  • 2006  World Reference Base training in soil classification, Joint Research Council
  • 2000  Ph.D. Environmental Science, Trinity College Dublin
  • 1993  M.Sc. Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • 1990  B.A. (Hons) Chemistry (2.1), Trinity College Dublin

Karen has published over 80 scientific papers and regurarly posts links for her research and publications on twitter @KarenDaly053. A full list of publications are available on ORCID, Google Scholar and Scopus.

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Web of Science ResearcherID: AAN-3143-204