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Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of every owner to make their forest a safe and healthy place to work.

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The Health and Safety and Welfare at work Act 2005 is a legal requirement.

When planning and carrying out forestry operations, the law requires that a number of health and safety duties must be completed.

A Safety Statement is a written document aimed at minimising exposure to risk or injury or ill-health for all people working in the forest:

  • If the landowner is undertaking the work or is directing the work then s/he needs to prepare a Safety Statement.
  • If the work is undertaken by a Forestry Works Manager then s/he prepares the Safety Statement and sets out in writing the health and safety measures taken to protect workers.
  • In turn, all workers must abide by these measures.

The Safety Statement should:

  • Include a written risk assessment
  • Point to safe working procedures
  • Establish that operators are competent and qualified for their tasks
  • Have the necessary tools/machinery for the task
  • Provide procedures to supervise and monitor the work
  • Emphasise the need for suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Protect public health and safety 

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