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Forest Type 4 (FT4)

The aim of Forest Type 4 – NeighbourWoods is to support the creation of new woodlands and woodland-based amenities for local communities to use and enjoy. It helps local authorities and other landowners, both public and private, to create ‘close-to-home’ woodland amenities in partnership with neighbouring communities.

Bringing communities and woodlands together, NeighbourWoods become part of the local identity allowing the community to enjoy and experience the many important social, environmental and health benefits associated with trees and forests.

Developing into an invaluable community resource and part of the local fabric of life, NeighbourWoods can be a meeting point for family and friends for strolling, family visits and picnics, exercising and a host of other outdoor activities.


Forest Type

Grant Rates
(excluding fencing)

Annual Premium

Number of Premiums
for Non-Farmers
Number of Premiums
for Farmers



€10,200 €1,142 15 20 
  • Grant includes a Facilities payment. 

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