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Forest Type 4 (FT4)

Forest Type 4 – NeighbourWoods funds the creation of new woodland designed to cater for forest recreation. The scheme is aimed at private landowners, working in partnership with local communities and local authorities where appropriate. The type of recreational forest created can vary depending on size, location and intended uses.


Relevant factors for eligibility will include:

  • Consultation with intended user groups to ensure proper layout and design, with future walking trails, viewing spots, picnic areas and car parking left unplanted from the outset.
  • The suitability of location, the level of existing use, attractive natural features, local interest, linkage with wider walking routes and other amenities, etc.
  • A particular focus on the provision of reasonable access-for-all, to enable people of different ages and abilities to use and enjoy the forest.

Forest creation

Both native, naturalised and non-native broadleaf and conifer species can be considered. All mixtures must be silviculturally compatible, and full details to be provided in the application. All species must be planted at a stocking rate of 2,500 stems/ha on all sites and at a spacing of 2 x 2 metres.

Former landfill sites

Certain former landfill sites or 'brownfield' sites may be suitable for forest establishment. In such cases, a further 'Derelict Site Grant' of up to €500/ha may be payable to undertake specific operations necessitated by the site's status as a former landfill or brownfield site.

Recreational facilities

Funding is available for the provision of both general and/or specialised recreational facilities that enable access to, and enjoyment of, the woodland by the general community.

Such facilities include footpaths, signage, waymarkers, carparking, seating and picnic tables but also more specialised facilities such as the provision of hides for birdwatching or 'calorie-count' walks and fitness trails, in order to promote green exercise.

Grant rates


Forest Type

Grant Rates
(excluding fencing)

Annual Premium

Number of Premiums
for Non-Farmers
Number of Premiums
for Farmers



€10,200 €1,142 15 20 
  • Recreational facilities: Up to €4,200/ha, and subject to an upper limit of 12 ha
  • Additional Derelict Site Grant: Up to €500/ha

Additional support measures

  • Fencing Grant ensures that newly established forests are fully protected from browsing animals.
  • An Environment Report Grant will be paid if a report from an ecologist or archaeologist is submitted. 

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