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Photo Competition - Celebrating Our Shared Vision for Trees, Woods and Forests

Teagasc Forest Photo Competition 2022

'Celebrating Our Shared National Vision for Trees, Woods and Forests' is a three-themed competition that will focus on the many benefits of our trees and forests. The competition provides a great opportunity for non-professional photographers and photo enthusiasts to get snapping while being in with a chance to win exciting prizes.

Trees and forests provide wonderful settings to enjoy nature, particularly during the autumn, with spectacular changing colours. They provide multiple benefits for people, ranging from carbon storage and protection of water quality to increased income and employment opportunities, many in rural areas. Wood from our forests is multi-purpose with its uses ranging from spectacular building components to ornate furniture.

Competition & Prizes

The 'Celebrating Our Shared Vision for Trees, Woods and Forests' competition focuses on three consecutive forest themes running from October to December, 2022. At the end of each theme period, the winner for that theme will be chosen and is guaranteed a prize of €400 in vouchers with €100 in vouchers for each of two selected runners up.

Each theme winner will also go forward to a Grand Final on December 16, when the overall competition winner will be in line for a further €600 in vouchers.


This year's competition will feature three themes: Forests for Nature, Forests for People and Forests for Wood (see table below)

  1. The first theme, 'Forests for Nature', is running from October 6 to October 28.
  2. The second theme 'Forests for People' runs between October 29 and November 21.
  3. The final theme, 'Forests for Wood' will continue between November 22 and December 13.

Please note that only photos received within these dates and time periods for each theme (see table) can be considered eligible. Individual participants may submit one photo per theme. Submission is by email (only) to the dedicated email address forestphotos@teagasc.ie. Landscape orientation is strongly preferred. 

Theme Eligible entry periodView the winning images
Theme 1: Forests for Nature 

9 AM, October 6 to 5 PM, October 28

Photo competition 2022 - Forests for Nature

Theme 2: Forests for People

9 AM, October 29 to 5 PM, November 21

Photo competition 2022 - Forests for People 
Theme 3: Forests for Wood

9 AM, November 22 to 5 PM, December 13


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