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Report a healthy ash tree

Join the AshforFuture Research Project and become a crucial part of safeguarding our beloved ash trees for future generations! We need your eyes on the ground to help us identify healthy tolerant ash trees (Class 1 from the below) across the landscape.

Why should you get involved?

Here's why:

  • Protecting Genetic Diversity:
    Ash trees face significant threats from diseases like ash dieback. By reporting sightings of healthy tolerant ash trees, you contribute to capturing the wider genetic diversity of this species, essential for its long-term survival and for the benefit of both the public and the agriculture / forestry sectors.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Speed:
    Gathering plant material from across Ireland requires substantial resources. Your involvement makes the process more cost-effective, allowing us to accelerate the selection process for resilient ash trees.
  • Simple Contribution:
    Reporting healthy ash trees is easy and accessible to everyone. You don't need specialised knowledge - all you need is your observation skills and a willingness to help.

Here's how you can contribute:

  • Look out for ash trees in native woodlands, planted forests, streets, and hedgerows.
  • Identify healthy tolerant ash trees using our classification system:
    • Class 1: 100-75% of the crown remains green and healthy
    • Class 2: <75-50% of the crown remains green and healthy
    • Class 3: <50-25% of the crown remains
    • Class 4: <25-0% of the crown remains
  • Report your sightings of Class 1 trees to:


We'll use this information to build a comprehensive database and develop a visual key with pictures of mature trees for easy identification.

Your contribution matters! By joining Ash Research at Teagasc, you're not just reporting trees - you're playing a vital role in helping secure the future of ash trees and the ecosystems they support. Together, let's work towards, ensuring a thriving and resilient ash population for generations to come.

Join us today!

Letter of Consent Teagasc ash breeding programme (PDF) to provide access to the ash trees that you have on your property to use plant material in the Teagasc Ash breeding programme that aims to develop an ash dieback disease resistant seed orchard.

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