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Information on Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant Scheme – 1st Time Applicant

To Qualify for a Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant

The conditions of the National Student Grant Scheme 2024 will apply. You must fulfil key conditions relating to:

  • Nationality and immigration status
  • Residency in the state:  You must have been resident in the Irish State for three of the last five years prior to the commencement of your course.  Proof of residency such as: evidence that you sat the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate exams in Ireland with your full name printed on it will be required or a letter from a school principal in Ireland, confirming your attendance at a school.

Previous Education

As with the National Student Grant Scheme 2024, you will not normally get a grant:

  • for repeating a year
  • or attending a course at a level that does not represent progression from what you have done before.

However, you may be considered eligible for funding as a “second chance” student where you –
- have previously attended but not completed a course,
- have had a 3-year break in studies since leaving that course, and 
- are returning to attend an approved course at the same level.

Please note that studying at a level below undergraduate level, within the 3-year period, does not affect a student’s eligibility to be considered as a “second chance student”.

Income Limits for Teagasc Maintenance Grants

  • Reckonable income is based on household income from all sources
  • For Teagasc student maintenance grant means testing, farm income or income from self employment will be averaged over the three most recent years based on the Revenue Notice of Assessment.  Other income will be based on the most recent Employment Detail Summary.  Copies of Employment Detail Summary, Statement of Liability, Confirmation of Cessation of Employment and Revenue Notice of Assessment will be required as relevant evidence of income.
  • Income or welfare support payments specifically excluded from reckonable income under the National Student Grant Scheme 2024 are also excluded under Teagasc maintenance grants means testing
  • These conditions apply to the 2024/25 college year only and may change in future years;
    Number of Dependent ChildrenSpecial Rate*Full MaintenancePart Maintenance
    Part Maintenance
    Part Maintenance 
    Less than 4 €26,200 €40,875 €41,970 €44,380 €50,840
    4 - 7 €28,715 €44,810 €46,025 €48,670 €55,768
    8 or more €31,128 €48,575 €49,890 €52,760 €60,445
  • Special Rate of Maintenance Grant – Payable to an applicant, whose household income is below the Special Rate* on the 31st December, 2023 and contains an eligible long term Department of Social Protection payment as prescribed by the Student Grant Scheme. 

Income Add-Backs to Reckonable Income

In the National Student Grant Scheme certain add-backs are made which increase reckonable income of the applicant. These add-backs are detailed in the national scheme.  The Teagasc Grant Scheme mirrors the National Grant Scheme but the following are not added back to farm incomes:

  1. Payments to Family Labour
  2. Finance Lease Payments
  3. Interest on Capital Expenditure
  4. Depreciation.

All add-backs are listed in the official Grant Scheme document

Teagasc Maintenance Grants Rates and Payment Arrangements

Type of Maintenance GrantNon-adjacent weekly rate €*Adjacent rate weekly rate €*
Standard Maintenance - Full (100%) 153.28 63.35
Standard Maintenance - Part (75%) 119.00 47.96
Standard Maintenance - Part (50%) 89.35 34.82
Standard Maintenance - Part (25%) 59.50 21.85
Special Rate 270.92 115.35

*Calculation based on 28 week course duration

Adjacent and Non-Adjacent Rates

  • If your normal residence is less than 30 kilometres from the college being attended, the adjacent rate of maintenance grant is payable.  This rate applies to all students whether mature students, dependent or independent. 
  • The non-adjacent rate applies when your college is 30 kilometres or more from your normal residence. 
  • Eircode will be used to determine the adjacent/non-adjacent rate. 

Payment of Student Grants

  • Maintenance grants payments will be paid by Teagasc through the college the student is attending.
  • Maintenance grant payments will be calculated on daily attendance, to include both face-to-face and remote delivery. Students will not be paid for non attendance unless specifically allowed under the grant scheme.
  • Payments will be made at 3 points over the college year.
  • Teagasc do not pay any grant in respect of course charges to students.
  • Student maintenance grants are not paid to those in receipt of Back to Education Allowance or qualifying for the VTOS (Vocational Training Opportunities Schemes).

Application Procedures for the Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant Scheme

  • Application Form and Guidance Notes will be available here from early July. 
  • Colleges will not be in a position to handle specific queries about applications for means testing and colleges will not be processing applications.
  • Applicants are advised to assemble relevant information i.e. you should start assembling information that will be required e.g. statements of income as indicated above.
  • Please note that applicants cannot apply to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) to be means tested for a Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant


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Please Note:
This information is provided for broad guidance only it is not a statement of the terms and conditions of the Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant Scheme. No responsibility can be taken for any errors, inaccuracies or out of date information contained in the above.