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Climate Centre

The National Climate Centre is a virtual centre established by Teagasc to co-ordinate climate research and innovation. It will accelerate efforts to bring “almost ready” and “early stage” technologies to deployment stage. This will facilitate the Irish agriculture sector to meet its commitments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Twenty four new scientific staff will join the virtual centre.

This Climate Centre will build on existing research infrastructure and human capital, working with national and international organisations and institutions to create an effective, trusted partnership.
It will provide independent robust scientific and technological solutions to lead the agri-food sector towards climate-neutrality by 2050.

It will strive to be a world class agri-food climate science centre that will enhance Ireland’s reputation as a global leader in this area. It will also address Ireland’s wider environmental objectives to improve water quality, reduce ammonia emissions and improve biodiversity.

The video below outlines the urgent actions that Teagasc plans to accelerate in its research, advisory and education activity.

Read more about the Urgent Actions

Milestones for the National Climate Centre

Infographic image. Full details are described below.

Q1 - 2023
National Virtual Climate Centre established

Q2 - 2023
Publish New GHG MACC

Q4 - 2023
First annual progress report on ‘almost ready’ technologies

Q1 - 2024
Publish Irish Specific Enteric Methane Emission Factors for Dairy Cows

Q4 - 2024
Addition of Biodiversity Habitats Locations in NFS

Q1 - 2027
Publish Irish Specific Soil Carbon Sequestration/Emission Factors

Q2 - 2027
Significant Revision of the GHG MACC