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Climate Centre

Climate centre logoThe Teagasc Climate Centre is a virtual centre to co-ordinate agricultural climate and biodiversity research and innovation across Teagasc. It will accelerate efforts to develop and implement technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance biodiversity. The Climate Centre aims to support and facilitate the Irish agriculture sector to meet its commitments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and restoring biodiversity.

The Climate Centre has expanded the research infrastructure and human capital in Teagasc to meet the increased demand for practical, effective and affordable solutions for farmers. The Climate Centre is working with national and international organisations and institutions to create effective and trusted partnerships.

Climate Centre Objectives

  1. Enhance Ireland’s international reputation as a leader in sustainable agriculture research and innovation.
  2. Produce high quality research and innovation in the area of climate change and biodiversity to enable the Irish agriculture sector meeting its commitments.
  3. Provide a central independent focal point in Ireland for the co-ordination and dissemination of agricultural climate change research and innovation.
  4. Inform policy makers with the required robust science and technology to be more responsive to the emerging needs associated with climate change.
  5. Collaborate with both national and international institutes in the area of climate change and biodiversity research and innovation.
  6. Build research infrastructure and human capital to support the agricultural sector meeting the National climate and biodiversity commitments.

Climate Centre Research Pillars

  • Reducing nitrous oxide emissions
  • Reduce methane emissions from both livestock and animal manures
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and increase carbon sinks
  • Enhance biodiversity
  • Increase climate adaptation and resilience
  • Increase farm diversification
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Supporting policy
  • Signpost programme

The Climate Centre has 8 Research Pillars surrounding the Signpost Programme focusing on Knowledge Transfer to increase mitigation measure adoption at farm level.

climate centre structure