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5 Steps to taking a soil sample

5 Steps to taking a soil sample

Here in just five easy steps Edward Egan & Tara Heaney, Teagasc Meath Advisors, take us through the process of taking a soil sample correctly in order to get a reliable soil result.

The 5 key steps to get a reliable soil sample result

There are 5 key steps to getting a reliable soil sample result:

  1. Area. Ideally take 1 sample per 4ha.
  2. Timing. Leave at least 3 months between the last application of fertiliser & taking a sample.
  3. Equipment. Use the right equipment to collect & record the samples. This means a soil sample box, a proper soil corer, coloured LPIS map & pen. Fill the sampling box to the lid.
  4. Pattern. Take a” W” shaped path across the sampling plot. Avoid sampling around gateways & muddy areas.
  5. Depth. The correct sampling depth is 10cm.These 5 steps are key to getting a reliable picture of the lime, P & K needs of your farm.

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