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Grass 10 Newsletter March 1

Grass 10 Newsletter March 1

The Grass 10 Newsletter features an update from the Newford Farm in Athenry. This weeks Clover Reporter is from Co Cork. New to PastureBase Ireland? Sign up for a beginners training course on March 10th

PastureBase Ireland- Dairy Figures

Predicted Grass Growth 

Counties map showing predicted grass growth over the next 7 days from farms involved in Elodie Ruelle’s MoSt grass growth model (78 farms). Figures are kg DM/ha/day

Predicted Soil Temperatures

Counties map showing predicted soil temperatures for the next 7 days from farms involved in Elodie Ruelle’s MoSt grass growth model (78 farms).


Grass10 Weekly Tips

The 185th edition of our newsletter so happens to fall on the 1st March, leaving behind what has been a challenging few weeks towards the end of February for grazing.

There is a large variation across the country in % grazed over the last number of weeks. 

Farmers on free draining soil in the East and South, particularly on dairy farms are not far away from their February target of 30% grazed and now should complete an AFC and review where farm cover is compared to grass budget.

However, farmers in northern and western areas along the atlantic seaboard have low % grazed due to high rainfall and poor grazing conditions.

The key message in this weeks newsletter is to get out and walk your "go to paddocks" on your farm and assess if they are fit for grazing. It is important to get grazing so as to get light to the base of the sward and encourage grass growth for the start of the 2nd rotation

For farmers with <10% grazed, aim to get 30% grazed by going into lighter grass covers over the next 2 weeks (800-1200 Kg DM/Ha).

Try get animals out for a 2-3 hour allocation & if conditions are favourable, aim for 2 x 3 hour allocations! 

How can I calculate the area I need for the animals I am turning out to grass?

In the image below is a sample of how you would measure out the area required for a herd of dairy cows going to grass, all you have to do for your farm is to change the animals numbers that are being turned out and their intakes! 

For cattle being turned out to grass, use 2% of bodyweight to calculate intakes.

Featured farmer - David & Adrian King, Co. Carlow

David and Adrian King milk 260 cows just outside Athy Co. Kildare on a largely dry milking platform with some heavier clay soils.

 "We have 25% grazed with only 3 grazings missed to date. The wet weather has pushed us to graze the drier paddocks which all have heavier covers, so the percentage grazed is a bit behind where we’d like. They haven’t done any damage, however some residuals suffered but I’m happier to have cows out!”

Read more here

Pasturebase Ireland Training

New to PastureBase Ireland? Keep the 10th March free

Similar to our beginner PastureBase training in early January, the Grass10 & PastureBase Ireland team are delighted to announce that we will be running 2 training courses for beginners on Thursday 10th March at 1pm and again at 7pm! Click below for further info & to register.

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Events - PastureBase Ireland - Increasing your Income and Saving you Time 

  • Be able to complete a grass wedge
  • Understand the figures in your report to make the right grazing decisions
  • Be able to navigate the PastureBase App to save you time recording your data

The Clover Reporter

This section will give weekly reports and videos from farmers who have a lot of clover established on their farms

On this weeks edition of the Clover Reporter, Laurence Sexton, dairy farmer from Co. Cork talks about the importance of soil fertility & in particular lime in establishing a grass clover sward.

PastureBase Ireland Drystock Figures

Turning Animals to Grass on the Newford Farm in Co.Galway

Michael Fagan, Teagasc Technician on the Newford Suckler Demonstration Farm in Athenry, Co. Galway gives a brief update on the Newford yearling heifers and how they performed over the winter period and what we expect the heifers to do in the coming months since their early turnout to grass on the 20th of January.

Completing a Spring Rotation Plan using PastureBase Ireland

Micheal O Leary explains in this short video how to create a Spring Rotation Plan on the PastureBase App for your farm.

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