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Grass10 Newsletter - 15th March 2022

Grass10 Newsletter - 15th March 2022

The Grass10 Newsletter features; a research farm update from Ballyhaise; Grass10 featured farmer, the clover reporter with Ger Pardy, Co. Offaly plus Grass10 weekly tips and checklist; grass growth predictions, link to beginner PastureBase training, early spring grazing video and more here

187th Edition - 15th March 2022

Grass10 Weekly Tips

Forecasted drier weather coupled with warmer temperatures over the St Patricks festival weekend will be welcome to most farmers countrywide. It is important to keep an eye on Average Farm Cover and % grazed over the next couple of weeks as animals begin to get into a good grazing routine and intakes increase.  A weekly grass walk using PastureBase Ireland is a must. The advice is not to drop AFC under 550 Kg DM/Ha at any cost as this will have a detrimental affect on grass growth.

For farmers with greater than 55% grazed, it is now time to review what is grown back on your first 4 grazed paddocks. If you are intenting to start your 2nd rotation in early April there needs to be approx. 750 Kg DM/Ha on these paddocks today. If there is not, then adjust your grazing plan for the 2nd half of March in order to extend the 1st rotation of grazing by a week.

As a guide for your calculations- 1st grazed paddocks with 750 Kg DM/Ha will grow in the region of 20 Kg DM/Ha per day over 15 days remaining in March= 300 Kg DM/Ha.

750 + 300 = 1050 Kg DM/Ha on the 1st April. 

5 days in April x 30 Kg DM/Ha growth = 150 Kg DM/Ha

= 1200 Kg DM/Ha on these paddocks for 2nd rotation grazing

For those farms with 25-35% grazed or farming on heavy soils, continue to graze medium grass covers of between 1100 - 1400 Kg DM/Ha to get through area grazed to stimulate grass growth. In this scenario, 2nd rotation start date will be the 15th April or after.

Research has shown the response to chemical fertiliser applied in March will more than pay for itself even at current prices. With that in mind, and a large demand for grass in April on many farms, the advice now is to apply 23-30u N/ac where ground conditions and forecast is suitable. Especially on paddocks which have received no fertiliser or slurry to date. Heavy covers should also be spread to stall sward deterioration and speed up the regrowth on these paddocks after grazing.


Missed our beginner PastureBase training last week?

Following on from a very successful training campaign in January, the Grass10 & PastureBase team decided ran 2 training courses last Thursday 10th March for those who are looking to get started on PastureBase in 2022. Click here to watch back.

PastureBase Ireland training

Grass10 Featured Farmer Video


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