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Grass10 Newsletter - 28th February 2023

Grass10 Newsletter - 28th February 2023

This week's edition of the Grass 10 newsletter features PastureBase Ireland data, predicted growth, soil temperatures and rainfall levels and the weekly Grass10 checklist.

PastureBase data

PastureBase data 28Feb2023

Predicted rainfall

Predicted rainfall 28feb2023

Counties map showing predicted rainfall (mm) for the next 7 days from farms involved in the MoSt grass growth model (78 farms).

Grass growth predictions

Grass growth predictions 28feb2023

Counties map showing predicted grass growth over the next 7 days from farms involved in the MoSt grass growth model (78 farms).

Average soil temperatures

Average soil temperatures 28feb2023

Counties map showing average soil temperatures for the next 7 days.

Dry Matter %

Kilworth - 17.5%
Clonakilty - 17.6%
Grange - 19.5%
Athenry - 19%
Ballyhaise - 18%

Grass 10 Weekly Checklist

Grass 10 Weekly Checklist 28feb2023

Walk your farm weekly from now onwards

  • AFC less than 700 KgDM/ha on 35% of PBI farms
  • At current demand and growth, the difference is 14 KgDM/ha/day or a drop in AFC by ~100 KgDM/ha per week
  • Temptation on these farms to keep grazing hard- big risk- must reduce demand!
  • Hold AFC above 600 KgDM/ha until early April - walk weekly
  • Match demand to grass growth (e.g. growing 15kg/day with SR 2.5 LU/ha = allocating 6 Kg DM/LU grass per day)
  • Low AFC (<550 KgDM/ha) reduces growth substantially

Have you 30% of the farm grazed this week?

  • Target for 1st March is to have 30% grazed
  • Target for St. Patrick's Day is to have 65% grazed
  • Stick to targets - about 2% of area per day
  • Utilisation good - graze heavy covers/wetter padocks this week

Apply fertiliser and slurry in line with your fertiliser plan

  • Good conditions to apply slurry to area grazed
  • Apply fertiliser to area that got slurry earlier in spring
  • Leave about 4 weeks between applications
  • See piece by Deirdre Hennessey below for application rates

Update your grass budget on PastureBase

  • Lower than normal opening AFC
  • Higher than normal area grazed

Your Grass Budget should be monitored weekly and updated as required to keep on target with AFC

Grass 10 Clover Reporter

Tomás O'Leary, who operates a Mid-Season Lambing sheep farm in Killarney, Co. Kerry, is this week's Grass 10 Clover Reporter

clover reporter tomas oleary

When to Apply Early Nitrogen (N)

Deirdre Hennessy, Teagasc Moorepark, tells us;iIf you haven't got a spring N plan including slurry and fertiliser, Deirdre Hennessy has put together great advice on when to spread, what to spread and how much to spread to ensure you get the best grass growth response for the benefit of your pocket and the environment.

Read more about when to apply early nitrogen here

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