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NMP Online Software for a hard job

18 July 2020
Type Media Article

Do you work with your advisor on a Nutrient Management Plan for your farm? The online software to assist in this process is NMP Online. What is NMP Online and what advantage is it to farmers. Environment Specialist Tim Hyde gives some information

Why should you know what NMP Online is? In one sense you don’t need to know what NMP Online is. But you should pay attention to the advice your adviser and NMP Online can deliver for your farm business.

Let’s make a comparison between going to see your advisor and going to see your accountant. Well actually in today’s world, we should say having a Zoom call with your advisor or your accountant. You will of course pay attention to what your accountant recommends. Your accountant is talking money; where to spend, where not to spend, how to spread the investment and your tax liabilities. You don’t care what software package your accountant uses to help give this advice. You just hope that they use the best.

Working with your advisor on a Nutrient Management Plan for your farm is similar. You shouldn’t care what software package is being used by your advisor, as long as it is the best. Your Teagasc advisor will use NMP Online.  

With this in mind, it is fitting to note that NMP Online is powered by the Teagasc Green Book of Major and Micro Nutrient Advice for Productive Agricultural Crops. A Revised Version of the Green Book has recently been released and brings together the latest research and science available to guide farmers, advisors and agronomists alike on how to gain optimum soil fertility on farms across the country. This same information is used to power NMP Online.  

Just as your accountant will advise where to spend money and where not to spend, your advisor will take a similar approach with your investment in nutrients for your soil. Using NMP Online, your advisor will determine the nutrient demand of the crops on your farm on a per field basis, take into account your stocking rate and interpret your soil samples to deliver a fertiliser plan. Just like your accountant, they will tell you where to spread, where not to spread and when to spread your investment.

You wouldn’t waste your money, so don’t waste your nutrients. NMP Online and your advisor can help you get the most out of your soils. It can deliver a fertiliser plan that will help you target the fields that need the nutrients. Getting the fertiliser out at the right rate, right time and in the right place will improve the production capacity on your farm, which will build profit and will enhance environmental sustainability on your farm.

So you don’t need to know what NMP Online is. All you need to know is that your advisor is using it. 

The Teagasc ‘Green Book’ is available to download here