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Results-Based Environment-Agri Pilot Project (REAP)

29 April 2021
Type Factsheet

The Results-Based Environment-Agri Pilot Project (REAP) is a Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine (DAFM) pilot project that pays farmers to maintain and improve the environmental conditions of their land. This factsheet provides information on the pilot project.

Download Publication (PDF)

✔ The pilot will test the ‘Results-Based’ approach and prepare farmers, Advisors and DAFM for the Agri Environment Scheme in the new Rural Development Programme in 2023
✔ There is no guarantee of entry
✔ 2 year duration: 2021 and 2022

Who CANNOT apply?

Farmers in GLAS; EIPs or Organics.

What Fields are eligible?

✔ Fields on your BPS in 2020
✔ Grass fields
❌ Not tillage fields
❌ Not peatland with heather

How to make an Expression of Interest?

» Through a DAFM approved REAP Advisor
» Contact your local Teagasc Office
» Deadline for expression of interest is Monday, 10th May

IF accepted into REAP

» You choose any grass fields totalling 2 – 10 ha
» Your Advisor will walk these grass fields in June / July and score each field with you using one of two scorecards (Low Input Grassland or Multi Species Ley)
» The score determines the level of payment
»Your Advisor will discuss the option of planting trees or hedges

Field scores based on:

» Number and abundance of grass and non-grass species
» Extent of boundaries
» Margin width: 1m, 2m, 3m (and an additional option of 5m for Multi Species Leys)

1 - Participation Payment: €1,200 per year

2 - Optional Capital Payment: €1,200 in one year only

» €9.20 / tree up to 130 trees or
» €15.80 / m of hedge up to 76m

3 - Field Score Payment:

Low Input Grassland (LIG)

» €250 - €400 /Ha based on a score of 4 - 10
» Plus top up of €50 /Ha for late mown meadows
» Max €4,500 if 10 Ha LIG + late mown meadow at a score of 10/10


Multi Species Ley (MSL)

» €125 - €275 / Ha based on a score of 4 - 10
» Max €2,750 if 10 Ha MSL at a score of 10/10

Max Payment: €6,900 in one year & €5,700 in other year for a score of 10/10.

Average payments will be significantly lower than maximum payments.


Find out more about the pilot project here REAP