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Farm Health & Safety


Welcome to the Teagasc farm health and safetysection. We aim to assist farm family members and those working on farms to minimise the risk of injury and to promote health. Teagasc works with other organisations including the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and member organisations of the HSA Farm Safety Partnership Advisory committee to deliver an effective health and safety service.

Health & Safety is relevant to all farming businesses. As a farmer you are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of yourself, employees and others that may be affected by what you do. This includes contractors, casual or part time workers, trainees, neighbours, and family members. In these dedicated Health & Safety web pages we aim to support you in ensuring that your farm is safe, healthy, and legally compliant.

Teagasc want you to work in a safe working environment to maximise your income and ensure a quality of life for you and your family. 





The newsletter has contact information for the Farm Safety Code of Practice training courses taking place from October 2019 onwards.


Positive Mental Health in Farming 

Preliminary NFS Farm Safety Survey (PDF) 


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Dr. John McNamara - Health and Safety Specialist 

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Farm Safety Week 2020 - It's Time to Take Safety Seriously

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