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Tragic Event Service for Family Farms (TESFF)

Farm Family Support when Needed Most

Teagasc advisors have a special relationship with their clients and the farmers in their areas. In the aftermath of tragic events on farms leading to death or serious injury, advisors would like to offer their support without additional cost. 

Teagasc advisors will be proactive in providing the support needed to spouses and family members at this difficult time. The key areas of support are as follows.

Technical support

To ensure that the family can make the critical management decisions in time and ensure that the farm can continue to operate at a reasonable level of performance.

Farm Financial Business

Dealing with bankers, accountants and Revenue.

DAFM and Schemes

Ensuring that the farm continues to participate in and receive its entitlements under various schemes.

Structural Changes

To assist the farm family stabilise the farm so that it can function effectively, this may mean changing the system of farming, scaling down or employing additional hired labour.

More details: Tragic Event Service for Family Farms (TESFF) (PDF)

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