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Options Programme - Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I join?

A Contact your Teagasc adviser or any Teagasc office.

Q Is there a fee to join the workshops?

A No. The workshops are free of charge, however, there may be a minimal bus fee for farm visits.

Q I am not a client of Teagasc, can I attend workshops?

A Yes.

Q I am a part time farmer. Have the workshops anything to offer me?

A Yes - definitely. Part time farmers have many issues including securing adequate household income in the longer term, farming efficiently on a part-time basis, making the farm more compatible with an off-farm job as well as workload and succession issues. Some may want to explore ways of replacing their off-farm job with a supplementary on-farm business or enterprise. Others may be interested in exploring opportunities for better more suitable off-farm employment.

Q Is the programme all about technical farming issues?

A No. The farm and farm income is an important part of the overall picture but not the only part for the majority of farm families. The workshops are designed to help families address all issues relating to household income and quality of life and focus on all options on and off-farm to address these issues.

Q Do the workshops provide any funding for diversification or starting up a small business?

A No. However it will help you identify potential funding agencies and help you make contact with these agencies.

Q We are full time commercial farmers and see our future in expansion and increased efficiency. Does the Options Workshops have anything to offer us?

A Yes it does. Every business large and small needs to assess all options when planning for the future.

Q We are at a stage where we need to consider transferring the farm to the next generation. Do the workshops offer any guidance or help?

A Yes. Succession planning is a very important task for all farm families at some point. The final evening of options in each area will discuss succession planning, family farm finance and farm structures.

Q Workload is our biggest concern. Can the Workshops help us to reduce workload?

A The workshops may help you explore ways of reducing workload. The answer could lie with changing your farming system, having better facilities, reducing stocking rate or perhaps better work organisation.