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Kay O'Sullivan

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Kay is organically farming 34.83ha and she has additional organic lands coming in to system in 2022. There is also 11.16ha forestry. Kay farms the land herself and also makes use of hired labour.

She has a good loamy soil type on her farm. The farm was stocked at 110kgs/Ha in 2020 (includes ewes). Kay runs a spring calving suckler to store/beef system along with a lowland ewe system. There were 25 cows, 11 heifers & 75 ewes. Kay is now reducing the ewe numbers to 25 and increasing the cow numbers to 30. The cows are all bred to 100% AI, typically to pedigree Angus bulls. Some offspring are finished off redstart on the farm and others are sold live as yearlings.

Selected paddocks are reseeded on the farm each year. For the past 2 years herbs & chicory are also included in the mix.

Kay is a member of her local beef and sheep discussion groups.

All farms building a relatively new and are all straw bedded. There are also excellent handling facilities on the farm.

Her advisor is Michael Bourke.

Breeding Performance

No. of cows: 25
Cow replacement index: €80
Heifer replacement index: €110

Kay’s Plan

Kay’s plan is to improve grass production, animal performance & biodiversity on her farm.