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Animal Health and Welfare

Maintaining a healthy herd must be the first priority of all farmers. Good breeding, calf-rearing, grassland management, winter feeding, housing, biosecurity, etc. are essential to maintaining good health in animals.

Animal Health Awareness Week 2021 - ‘Sustainability for the Future’ November 18th to 24th 

Good health is essential for good welfare but they are not the same thing. An animal in good health can suffer poor welfare. In the long-term, poor welfare will contribute to health problems.

Information on health and welfare issues relating to specific groups of animals is available at the links below. 


Dairy Animal Health (PDF)


Animal Health (PDF)


Flock Health

Calf Health

Calf Health (PDF) 


Equine Health

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Find out more about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) here AMR

Bovine Tuberculosis

Just over 3% of herds in Ireland will go down with TB in any given year. Prevention is better that cure when it comes to TB. It can be a huge health threat to our stock, ourselves and impacts on the economic viablity of the farm. Find out more here