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Forestry Open Day 2024

Leading the way in research, advisory and education

  • Thursday 4 July, 2024 
  • Teagasc, Oak Park, Carlow R93 XE12 
  • Arrive any time between 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM 


This outdoor event offers an opportunity to appreciate the vital role that forest research plays in addressing the various challenges and opportunities in forestry and forest management in Ireland.

Attendees will be guided through a wide range of collaborative forestry research themes in the beautiful woodlands of the Teagasc Oak Park Research Centre.


The following key topics will be highlighted on the day:

  • Forestry advisory and education initiatives
  • Teagasc forestry research and linkages with advisory and education
  • Forest carbon research
    • Studying forest carbon dynamics – impacts of species and management practices
    • Developing methods for estimating forest carbon across diverse conditions
  • Marteloscope – interactive forest training plots
  • ContinuFor – Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF)
  • Broadleaf silviculture – remedial silviculture; coppicing; mixtures
  •  Agroforestry
    • Attitudes, perceptions, and barriers to uptake of agroforestry
    • Agroforestry designs
  • Conifer research
  • FitForests: response of tree species to climate change
  • ADAPTForRes: climate change adaptation, mitigation and protection in Irish forests
  • Tree improvement research
    • BroadGen: genetic diversity of four key forestry species
    • ElmAsh: genetic conservation of elms and ash in Ireland
    • ExAl: explore alder tree microbiome for enhancing resilience
    • Birch and alder improvement
  • Breeding for ash dieback disease tolerance in Ireland

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