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What is Clover?

Clover is a legume crop belonging to the bean and pea family of plants. Clover fixes nitrogen in the soil through the process of nitrogen fixation. That is, it partners with beneficial bacteria to transform nitrogen gas that resides in air pockets within the soil into stable organic compounds that nourishes surrounding plants. 

Clover offers an alternative to expensive artificial fertilizers and helps towards environmental sustainability.  Incorporating clover in grassland swards has the potential to reduce costs, improve profitability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Recent clover updates and information

Clover Workshops

The Teagasc Grass10 and Clover 150 team, along with the Advisory regions are hosting a series of Clover Workshops across the country in June & July. Find out more about the workshops here

Springing into Organics: A Clover Grazing Guide

Clover, whether white or red, stands as a cornerstone of organic farming in Ireland. In this article Clodagh Morgan, Walsh Scholar, Teagasc Galway/Clare, discusses the role of clover in enhancing soil fertility, biodiversity, and sustainability.

Read Springing into Organics: A Clover Grazing Guide here.

Published in Teagasc Daily on Monday April 8th 2024

Incorporating white clover into grassland swards

The Dairy Edge Podcast on April 2nd 2024 discussed incorporating white clover into grassland swards. Get more information on white clover and listen to the podcast here

Spring Clover Walks 2024

The Teagasc Grass10 & Clover150 team, along with Teagasc Grassland Researchers and the Teagasc Advisory team are hosting a series of farm walks.

Topics to be discussed include; current grazing and fertiliser application in light of difficult spring conditions, along with the establishment of white clover and fertiliser application strategies to maintain clover and pasture production.

Get more information on the spring clover walks here

Types of clover

More information on clover

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