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Offline App - Now Available


The first version of the PBI offline app is available for download on Google Play for android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices. Search ‘PBI Grass’ then it should be displayed for download.

The following can be recorded on the app:
• grass covers
• graze/silage events
• fertiliser/slurry applications
• livestock/demand
• milk details


PastureBase Ireland has a number of reports allowing farmers make day to day management decisions:-

  • grass wedge
  • rotation planners
  • budgets 

It allows farmers to evaluate medium to long term performance from the farm - distribution of growth and paddock summary reports. The reports can also be used to benchmark farms across enterprises and regions. The background data such as paddock soil fertility, grass cultivar, aspect, altitude, reseeding history, soil type, drainage characteristics and fertiliser applications are also recorded. PastureBase Ireland will also link grass growth on farms to local meteorological weather data.

If you are interested in registering for PastureBase please contact your local regional advisor.

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View Interactive Grass Growth Map

PastureBase Ireland is a grassland measurement database, launched in January 2013, it has an extension, advisory and training and research focus The database stores all grassland measurements in a common structure. Grass growth and DM production both total and seasonal can be quantified using a common measurement protocol and methodology across:

  • different enterprises
  • grassland management systems
  • regions
  • soil types