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Publications 2012


  • Buckley, C., Fealy, R.M., (2012). Intra-national importation of pig and poultry manure: acceptability under EU Nitrates Directive constraints. International Journal of Agricultural Management, 1, 41-47. Synopsis (98KB) Article
  • Buckley, C., Hynes, S. & Mechan, S., (2012) Supply of an ecosystem service - Farmers’ willingness to adopt riparian buffer zones in agricultural catchments, Environmental Science and Policy, 24:101-109 Synopsis (113KB) Article
  • Jordan, P., Haygarth, P.M., Shortle, G. and Harris, R.C. Catchment science and policy for agriculture and water quality. Environmental Science and Policy - in press, doi10.1016/j.envsci.2012.09.009
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  • Mellander, P.E., Melland, A.R., Jordan, P., Wall, D.P., Murphy, P.N.C., Shortle, G., (2012) Quantifying nutrient transfer pathways in agricultural catchments using high temporal resolution data. Environmental Science & Policy. 24:44-57 Synopsis (1.4MB)
  • Melland, A.R., Mellander, P.-E., Murphy, P.N.C., Wall, D.P., Mechan, S., Shine, O., Shortle, G., Jordan, P., (2012) Stream water quality in intensive cereal cropping catchments with regulated nutrient management. Environmental Science & Policy, 24:58-70
  • Buckley, C., (2012) Implementation of the EU Nitrates Directive in the Republic of Ireland - A view from the farm, Ecological Economics, 78:29-36 Synopsis (100KB) Article
  • Mellander P-E, Wall DP, Jordan P, Melland AR, Meehan R, Kelly C & Shortle G. (2012). Delivery and impact bypass in a karst aquifer with high phosphorus source and pathway potential, Water Research, 46; 2225-2236 Synopsis (1.3MB)
  • Jordan P, Melland AR, Mellander P-E, Shortle G & Wall DP (2012). The seasonality of phosphorus transfers from land to water: implications for trophic impacts and policy evaluation. Science of the Total Environment, 434:101-109


  • Mechan, S. & Wall, DP., Research Update, Environmental Newsletter May (2012) p.4
  • Mechan, S. & Wall, DP., (2012) Putting nutrients on the map, TResearch, Vol.7. No.1, 26-27
  • Wall, DP., McDonald, NT., and Humphreys, J. 2012. Grassland N management: planning for the season ahead. Teagasc Today’s Farm, Vol 23, Number 1 Jan/Feb 2012.


  • Agricultural Economic Society of Ireland - Buckley, C., Wall, D., Murphy, P.N.C. Nutrient Budgeting at farm level – Eco-efficiency of specialist dairy farms, October 18, 2012, Dublin.
  • 17th International Nitrogen Workshop - McDonald, N. T., Watson, C.J., Laughlin, R.J., Lalor, S.T.J., Hoekstra, N.J., and Wall, D.P., Investigating the efficacy of soil nitrogen tests to predict soil nitrogen supply across a range of Irish soil types under controlled environmental conditions. Wexford, Opera House, June 26-29 2012. N-Workshop_2012_Abstract-NMcD
  • 17th annual Teagasc Walsh Fellowship Seminar 2012 - Noeleen. T. McDonald, C.J. Watson, R.J. Laughlin, S.T.J. Lalor, and D.P. Wall., Utilizing the soils nitrogen supply potential for efficient grass production. RDS, Dublin, November 22nd 2012., from which Noeleen McDonald received overall winner of the . Abstract
  • World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy - Mechan, S., & Shine, O., Instrumentation and Data Management Architecture for a Large-scale Catchments Research Programme, May 13-18, 2012 , Dublin Abstract
  • World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy - Murphy, P., Soil and Water Chemistry in Three Irish Agricultural Catchments and Implications for Nutrient Loss and Catchment Management Programme, May 13-18, 2012 , Dublin IWA_Paper_Murphy_et_al
  • World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy - Mellander, PE., Attenuation of phosphorus transfers in an agricultural karstic spring zone of contribution, May 13-18, 2012. IWA-WCE-Paper_Mellander
  • World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy - Buckley, C., Abatement of diffuse pollution from agriculture through efficient nutrient budgeting at farm level, May 13-18, 2012 Abstract
  • European Geophysical Union – General Assembly 2012 – Per-Erik Mellander, Alice R Melland, Phil Jordan, Paul NC Murphy, David Wall & Ger Shortle. Unmixing stream water chemistry: nutrient load pathways assessed from high resolution data. Vienna, 22-27 April 2012.
  • 86th Annual Agricultural Economic Society Conference - Buckley, C., Adoption of desirable nutrient management practices by farmers, University of Warwick, April 16-18th. Buckley_AESAbstract
  • Water Landuse Workshop - Agriculture reflected in Irish waters: maintaining good quality with increased production - Per-Erik Mellander, Alice Melland, Phil Jordan, Paul Murphy & Ger Shortle. Uppsala, 28-30 March 2012.
  • Geophysical Association of Ireland – Per-Erik Mellander, Alice Melland, Phil Jordan, Paul Murphy & Ger Shortle. The use of geophysics in interpreting hydro-geological pathways of diffuse nutrient loss in two agricultural river catchments. Dublin, 15th February 2012.


  • Mechan, S., Lalor, S.T.J., Shine O., Jordan, P. & Wall, DP., Using data management systems to facilitate better nutrient management planning on Irish farms, 17th International Nitrogen Workshop, June 26-29, 2012, Wexford NWorkshop_Mechan (994KB)
  • Melland, A., Ryan, D., Shortle, G., and Jordan, P., A cost : benefit evaluation of in situ high temporal resolution stream nutrient monitoring, World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy, May 13-18, 2012, Dublin Melland_IWA2012 (825KB)
  • Crockford, L., Jordan, P., & Taylor, D., Lake phosphorus load apportionment and seasonal impacts, World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy, May 13-18, 2012, Dublin Lucy_IWA (1.6MB)
  • Shore, M., Extent and role of ditches in affecting hydrological connectivity in agricultural landscapes, World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy, May 13-18, 2012, Dublin Shore_IWA2012 (1.2MB)