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Publications 2013



  • Mellander P-E, Jordan P, Melland AR, Murphy PNC, Mechan S, Meehan R, Kelly C, Shine O, Shortle G (2013). Quantification of phosphorus transport from a karstic agricultural watershed to emerging spring. Environmmental Science and Technology, 47, 6111-6119.
  • Shore, M., Jordan, P., Mellander, P-E., Kelly-Quinn, M, Wall, D.P, Murphy, P.N.C., Melland, A.R.., 2013. Evaluating the critical source area concept of phosphorus loss from soils to water-bodies in agricultural catchments. Science of the Total Environment. Evaluating the critical source area concept of P loss from soils to water-bodie
  • Shore, M., Murphy, P.N.C., Jordan, P., Mellander P-E., Kelly-Quinn M., Cushen, M., Mechan, S., Shine, O. & Melland, A.R. (2013). Evaluation of a surface hydrological connectivity index in agricultural catchments. Environmental Modelling and Software, 47 (Sept 2013) 7-15 doi.10.1016/j.envsoft.2013.04.003. Shore_Connectivity_2013_Synopsis (223.81KB)
  • Buckley, C., Carney, P., (2013) The potential to reduce the risk of diffuse pollution from agriculture while improving economic performance at farm level. Environmental Science and Policy, 25, 118-126. Synopsis (112KB) Article
  • Wall, D.P., Jordan, P., Melland, A.R., Mellander, P-E., Mechan, S., and Shortle, G. (2013). Forecasting the decline of excess soil phosphorus in agricultural catchments. Soil Use and Management. 29 (Suppl.1) 147-154 Synopsis (650KB)
  • Barry O’Dwyer, Lucy Crockford, Phil Jordan, Lindsay Hislop & David Taylor (2013) A palaeolimnological investigation into nutrient impact and recovery in an agricultural catchment. Journal of Environmental Management 124 (2013) 147-155


  • AGFORUM 2013- McDonald, N.T., Wall, D.P., Watson, C.J., Laughlin, R.J., Lalor, S.T.J., & Hoekstra, N.J., Agricultural Research Forum. Effects of soil type and climate on soil nitrogen supply and soil nitrogen utilisation by grass. Tullamore, March 11th- 12th 2013.

  • Information and Communications Technology for Environmental Regulation, Mechan, S., Lalor, S., Shine, O. & Wall, D., Using standard ICT & GIS to facilitate better nutrient management planning on Irish Farms June 20-21st National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) ICT_SMechan
  • European Geosciences Union - General Assembly 2013, Melland AR, Jordan P, Murphy PNC, Mellander P-E, Shortle G. A review of monitoring approaches and outcomes of surface water quality mitigation measures in meso-scale agricultural catchments. Research Abstracts. Vol. 15, Vienna, Austria, 2013, pp. 10446 Abstract
  • International Association of Hydrogeologists (Irish Group), Melland, AR and Jordan, P. Measures for mitigating pollution from agricultural sources. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Groundwater Conference. 23rd -24th April 2013, Tullamore, Ireland.


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  • Noeleen. T. McDonald, C.J. Watson, R.J. Laughlin, S.T.J. Lalor, and D.P. Wall (2013) Soil Nitrogen for efficient grass production, TResearch, TResearch_Spring2013