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Weigh Safely for BEEP-S

Peter Mullan, Teagasc Advisor Manorhamilton, issues a BEEP -S reminder to farmers to ensure to weigh BOTH cows & calves BEFORE calves are weaned. Peter has excellent advice for keeping the handler and animal safe in the weighing process and when handling cattle in general. He refers to TAMS aid also

BEEP –S weighing requirements:

**Remember both cows & calves must be weighed before calves are weaned!!

  • Weights to be returned to ICBF within 7 days of weighing
  • Your Teagasc advisor can advise on this

Animal & Handler Safety:

Many suckled calves will not have been handled much, most will not have stood on a weighing scales before – ensure all facilities are in good safe working order

Check all facilities (crush, head gate, anti- backing bar etc.) in advance of the weighing day, not when cattle are assembled in the yard!

Some form of an anti-backing bar will be needed at the weighing scales. Try also to ensure that calves cannot turn while being weighed – try to narrow crush width with an insert of some kind.

If possible ensure that cows & calves can continue to see each other when separated; this helps prevent injuries to strong calves possibly trying to jump back into cows.

Also if you have opted for Faecal Sampling this is a good time to carry this out when cows and calves are separated.

Watch Peter Mullan, Teagasc Advisor in the short video below using a good mobile cattle handling unit

TAMS Grant Aid

Although it may be too late for this year TAMS funding could be sought in future for the following: Mobile Cattle Crush, Mobile Cattle Penning, Head Scoop, Leg Hoist.

These items are not overly expensive and can make working with cattle much safer, particularly on an out-farm.  Find out more about TAMS grant aid here. Your Teagasc advisor can assist you with your application. Find your nearest Teagasc Office here: Advisory Regions

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Teagasc Advisors are regular contibutors of articles here on Teagasc Daily.