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Practical Learning Period

Objectives of Practical Learning Period (PLP)

A Practical Learning Period (PLP) is a mandatory component of Teagasc training programmes. PLP allows the learner to:

  • Apply knowledge, skills and competencies acquired during the training programme to a real work situation.
  • Apply classroom theory and practical skills training in a work situation. 
  • Develop new technical skill through work based learning. 
  • Understand and apply health and safety protocols and responsibilities of the work place.
  • Work independently in an unfamiliar situation. 
  • Develop effective time management skills. 
  • Demonstrate initiative and leadership skills. 
  • Work effectively in a team. 
  • Analyse and solve day to day workplace problems. 
  • Develop interpersonal and self-management skills. 
  • Communicate in a professional manner within the workplace

A 34 page booklet with all information on the Practical Learning Period is available to download as a pdf here Practical Learning Period - A Guide for Agricultural Hosts and Learners All the information in the booklet is also in this section

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