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Galway / Clare Advisory Region

On behalf of Teagasc I would like to welcome you to the Galway/Clare Advisory Region section of the Teagasc website. This section gives you full up-to-date information on our region including our staff, our Advisory Programmes and Services, and our Advisory and Educational public events and courses. It also has links to other sections within Teagasc. 

Download the Galway/Clare (pdf) 2021 regional review

In this region, Teagasc has five offices (Athenry, Ballinasloe, Tuam, Ennis and Kilrush) servicing approximately 5,000 clients.  All our advisers have the full backup of the entire Teagasc organisation.  This includes original Teagasc research for all farming enterprises under Irish farming conditions.  Dairy research takes place at Moorepark; Beef research at GrangeSheep research at AthenryTillage research at Oakpark and Environment research is carried out at Johnstown Castle.

The Galway Clare Region is a diverse geographic region; drystock mixed farming and dairying dominate the lowlands of the region, while hills, mountains, penninsulas and islands are common landscape features in the west of the region.  Suckling, sheep and mixed farming are the predominant enterprises with 20,000 farmers involved.  Farm fragmentation is a feature of the region and many farmers have off farm employment. 

Through the Advisory Service, we provide a comprehensive range of services.

  • One to One Advice to our 5,000 Farmer Clients
  • Farm Visits
  • Office and Telephone Consultations
  • Discussion Groups in Dairying, Cattle and Sheep – we facilitate 40 Discussion Groups
  • Public Events - such as Farm Walks, Seminars , Open Days on new and relevant topics
  • Monthly Newsletters and bi-monthly Today's Farm Magazine


Our drystock team consists of 18 beef and sheep advisers.  They focus on optimising the contribution of the farm business to the household income through improved efficiency, scheme participation and the development of new and alternative income sources.  The team facilitates 20 beef discussion groups, 5 specialist sheep groups and a contract heifer rearing group in the region.  Both PastureBase-Ireland and Teagasc eProfit Monitor are available to all Teagasc clients.


Our dairy team consists of four dairy advisers (two in Galway and two in Clare).  They provide advisory support to over 500 dairy clients and also facilitate 18 discussion groups.  Activities include consultations, farm visits, monthly discussion group meetings, farm walks, public events on monitor farms and milk quality promotion and events.  Both PastureBase-Ireland and Teagasc eProfit Monitor are available to all Teagasc clients.  All advisers assist and plan new entrants to dairying.  Contact your local office for further information

Environmental Work

The diversity of the landscape has provided a number of opportunities to farmers to improve farm income through the different environmental schemes in the region.  Our advisers have roles in all these schemes by providing advice, assisting farmers with scheme applications and completing annual plan reviews.  The following are environmental schemes in Galway Clare region and if you have any queries in relation to the following environmental schemes, contact your local Teagasc office.


We have one tillage adviser who is available to provide key technical advice on cereals, root and forage crops to specialist tillage farmers in the region.

Technical Newsletters

Our technical newsletters are sent to all our clients on a monthly basis.  They cover dairy, beefsheep and tillage every month, with additional newsletters covering areas such as forestry, farm management, rural development and the environment.  Newsletters are written by our expert specialist core to provide you with excellent advice, taking account of the up-to-date research, conditions and latest events.

Discussion Groups

We encourage all farmers in the region to join our excellent discussion groups in dairy, beef and sheep.  In addition to upskilling and exchanging information, these groups are a social and fun way to learn from your advisers and other farmers on a monthly basis.  Check out 10 Benefits of Joining a Discussion Group.

Scheme Application and Support

Schemes and services support are provided by all our advisers to farmers applying for Basic Payment Scheme, Nitrates Derogation, TAMSII, BEEP, BEAMBDGP and any other schemes that arise.  We also offer a service to guide farmers through the process of forming a successful registered farm partnership.

Public Events

All farmers in the region are encouraged to and are very welcome to attend our public events such as seminars, farm walks and open days across all enterprises during the year.  These events are advertised in local papers, radio and social media.

Teagasc Industry Joint Programmes

The region is collalboratively involved in four joint programmes with Dairy processors, Arrabawn, AurivoKerry and Dairygold.  There are 6 monitor/focus farmers and 18 sustainability farms in the region as part of these programmes.

Water Quality

Water quality is a key focus of our programme in Galway Clare and we have two dedicated advisers to the ASSAP programme to work with all farmers in the 22 designated  catchments in the region.  This is done in collaboration wih the industry stakeholders such as local co-operatives and LAWPRO(Local Authority Water Programme).


Through the Regional Education System, we provide courses for young entrants to farming.  Education officers deliver part-time QQI Level 5 and 6 courses from our training centres in Athenry, Ennis and Kilrush.  We offer a well-structured part-time option to students who work full-time.

Other Short Courses available include

Options Courses

Working with other professional bodies such as co-operatives, marts, solicitors, accountants, banks and other service providers is critical to enable engagement with all farmers in the region.

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Teagasc is also providing Webinars and Podcasts for all enterprises.  Keep up-to-date with Teagasc articles on Teagasc Daily

Pat Clarke
Regional Manager, Galway / Clare