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Waterford / Kilkenny Advisory Region


On behalf of Teagasc Waterford / Kilkenny region I would like to welcome you to our section of the Teagasc website. This section gives you full up to date information on our region including our staff, our advisory programmes and services, our advisory and educational public Events and courses. It also links to other sites within Teagasc.

Waterford Kilkenny in the South East of Ireland is the most commercial farming region in the country and has a climate very suited to long grass growing seasons. There are a total of 6,498 farms in the region with an average farm size of 45ha. The main farming enterprises are dairying and beef. There are a total of 1,600 dairy farms with an average herd size of 89 cows and 2,300 farms with suckler cows whose average herd size is 31 cows. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy of Waterford Kilkenny and is the head quarters of Glanbia the largest milk processor in Ireland.

Through our business and technology, environment, rural development and adult education and training programmes, Teagasc Waterford Kilkenny supports and promotes the development of farming in the region. The most important element of our service is our discussion group programme. There are a total of 61 discussion groups across the region covering all of the major farm enterprises. Through discussion group meetings clients have regular contact with their enterprise adviser and learn from him/her and each other how to put new ideas and technologies from research and elsewhere into practice. I encourage all farmers who wish to develop their business to join your local discussion group. In addition to the discussion groups all of our advisers provide valuable advice and assistance on the technical, financial and environmental management of farms through farm visits, consultations, farm walks, seminars and a range of other events.

Technical newsletters are sent to all our clients' monthly covering dairy, beef, sheep and tillage. Periodically newsletters covering, forestry, environment, farm management and rural development are also included. The newsletters are written by Teagasc specialists to provide you with expert timely advice.

We also work jointly with industry to ensure that our advice is consistent with market place requirements. We have a dairy joint programme with Glanbia through which we have one monitor farm in Waterford and two in Kilkenny. These famers receive monthly advisory visits and all aspects of the business are closely monitored. Information from these farms is disseminated to the farming public through the local press, an annual farm walk and through discussion groups. We have a beef joint programme with the Farmers Journal through which we have one monitor farm in Waterford and one in Kilkenny.  All of these monitor farms are managed in a similar way to the dairy farms.

Our rural development programme provides comprehensive advice and assistance on all aspects of on and off farm alternative enterprises. This service is primarily provided by our specialists. Through our adult training programme courses ranging from the advanced certificate in agriculture (ACA) to cross compliance courses, computer courses, farm safety and short technical courses are provided to all adult farmers. All advisers also provide comprehensive assistance with all Department of Agriculture Schemes and Services.

If you really want to get the most from your business come talk to us and we will provide an advisory package tailored to your needs.

Siobhan Kavanagh 
Regional Manager, Waterford / Kilkenny