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Let's Talk Dairy - Cutting For Quality Silage

14 May 2021
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In the latest episode of the Let's Talk Dairy webinar series, Stuart Childs, Dairy Specialist discusses how to cut for the highest quality of silage.

In the farming community, the trend seems to be that we forget about the time leading up to cutting silage and only emphasize the time when we are using it. As a result of this, we strategically plan for cutting silage but at the moment its not of much benefit to us. What we can control at the moment is the cutting date and the influence this can have on silage quality.

Listen to the webinar as a podcast below

View webinar recording below:

Let's Talk Dairy is a weekly webinar series held every Thursday morning, offering timely, relevant and practical advice to allow you make better management decisions on your dairy farm. Find out more here