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Teagasc Tillage Thursday's

Welcome to Tillage Thursday's during which we will deliver the latest insights on current tillage research plus the most relevant technical advice for tillage farmers through a series of live, interactive webinars.

The tillage industry underpins Ireland’s agri-food enterprises through the provision of high quality feed / material for processing, with the sector being the most carbon efficient within Irish agriculture. 

While the expansive role the cropping sector can play in supporting sustainable food production is clear, the sector faces legislative, environmental and land use challenges that are undermining its economic sustainability.

In response, continued innovation and investment in crop improvement and knowledge transfer strategies is essential if we are to improve the resilience of the sector and exploit the significant opportunities that exist to add value for the primary producer in response to consumer preferences for increased provenance and authenticity.

Teagasc Virtual Tillage Conference 2022

The 2022 National Tillage Conference will take place virtually, split over two days. The first session will take place on Thursday, 13 January and the second session will take place on 

Thursday, 27 January.

Session One - Thursday, 13 January  |  11.30am

On Thursday, 13 January at 11.30am, join us for an interactive webinar with researchers and PhD students who will provide insights into current research on Managing Crop Nutrition.

As the fertiliser market continues to struggle with elevated prices and supply chain issues, the first session of the National Tillage Conference will present research findings to support tillage farmers’ decision making for the 2022 season. For example, dealing with questions such as what options exist to reduce fertiliser usage and what strategies should be taken for splitting applications if supplies tighten further? In addition, the importance of soil testing, precision fertiliser application applications plus spring cropping options based on the predicted scenarios will also be presented.

Session Two - Thursday, 27 January  |  11.30am

The Virtual Tillage Conference will continue with a second session on Thursday, 27 January at 11.30am which will focus on considerations for cereal disease control against the backdrop of reduced nutrient management scenarios.

Building on session one, the second part of the tillage conference will focus on considerations for cereal disease control against the backdrop of reduced nutrient management scenarios, while attendees will also hear from researchers detailing the most up-to-date outputs from the current BYDV and grassweeds surveillance initiatives.

Session two will also provide attendees with a brief insight across a selection of research projects presently underway at Oak Park. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Upcoming Tillage Events

There will also be a further three webinars on Thursday, 20 January; Thursday, 3 Feburary and Thursday, 10 Feb covering the Utilisation of Nutrients, CAP 23, and Malting Barley Management.


Utilisation of Nutrients Webinar - 20 January | 11:30am

This webinar will focus on practical implication of high fertiliser prices from accessing and applying fertiliser to the costs of finance through the season. 

The webinar will also hear about biostimulants and if these can play a useful role in the crop production (subject to speaker confirmation)

CAP23 Webinar - Thursday, 3 February | 11:30am

This webinar will look at the changes to the CAP and how farmers will deal with this in 2023. Farmers will need to be aware of the proposed changes in order to ensure changes at farm level are planned for through 2022.

Crops Malting Webinar - Thursday, 10 February | 11:30am

The webinar will be held as part of the Teagasc Boortmalt Joint Programme on malting barley. The webinar will address high fertiliser prices and if there are changes needed for the crop in 2022. 

Other topics such as fungicides and pest control will also be looked at.

Past Events

  • Teagasc Crop Agronomy Update Webinars 
    These webinars which took place on Tuesday, 6th April & 4th May, covered the major agronomy decisions needed over the coming weeks in winter and spring crops.  Researchers, Specialists and advisors were on hand to answer questions throughout the webinar.
  • 2021 Tillage Conference 
    The 2021 National Tillage Conference which took place virtually, split over two days, on Wednesday, 3rd & 17th February 2021.
  • Malting Barley Conference 
    Teagasc Malting Barley Conference in conjunction with Boortmalt, which took place virtually on Tuesday, 23rd February 2021.
  • Spring Tillage Webinars 
    Teagasc researchers, specialists and advisors updated growers on crop agronomy for the coming weeks. These webinars took place on Tuesday, 19th January & Thursday, 21st January.
  • Teagasc Crop Trials Event
    The Teagasc Crop Trials Event took place in Oak Park, Carlow, across two days on Wednesday, 30th June and Thursday, 1st July 2021.  The event consisted of research updates on a range of crops including; spring barley, winter wheat, oilseed rape, rye and beans.

Keep up to date with all events on www.teagasc.ie/tillagemonth